​Is Your House Grounded Properly?

Does Your Home Have Ground Fault Protection   (Shock Protection)

GFI protection should be in bathrooms, kitchens, outside, garages and unfinished basements or anywhere around water.


Zinsco Panel

Federal Pacific Panel

If you have a Federal Pacific Panel or Zinsco Electrical Breaker Panel in your home, these panels are unsafe and have lost there UL listing (You can do your own research on the web).   

Is Your Panel Safe?

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Add Arc Fault Breakers To Your House for 24 Hour Fire Protection

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Replace smoke detectors every 10 years; replace batteries every year

If your electrical panel is over 10 years old we recommend a safety inspection.

Ask us about a panel inspection

If your house is an older house, there is a good chance it is not grounded up to today's code.

You should have 2 ground rods and metal water pipes should be bonded together.  All should be bonded at first means of disconnect.

This is your main protection from a lightning surge.

Since 2000, arc fault breakers have been required in homes to prevent fires by detecting loose connections that cause arcing and turning power off before a fire can start.